Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Japanese Women Molested On Bus


invitation to all friends of the blog:

Group Mountaineering Presolana with the Patronage of Scanzorosciate, Culture and Library Department, promotes understanding of the two evenings Orobie Park to be held in Bergamo at 21.00 at GAP

Tuesday, March 15
Origin, historical evolution and current status of Orobie Park. The flora, fauna and fauna of the lower Park Orobie Bergamo. Tuesday, March 22

Conservation of flora in the Park Orobie Bergamasche
The return of the wolf and bear in Orobie Bergamo.

Speakers: Juri Belotti, Clare Crothers, Laura Rocchi
(Ente Parco Orobie - University of Milan and Pavia)

Be sure and spread the invitation.
We look forward to.

PS The image should be a grizzly, not really "orobico doc", but it makes it a good idea of \u200b\u200bthe possible matches in our mountains!


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